Are any cars named after actual people?
CHRYSLER: Industrialist Walter P. Chrysler, former locomotive executive who turned Buick around back into profitability. Took over the Maxwell-Chambers operation by request of the bankruptcy court. With in years he renamed the firm "Chrysler," which soon bought...

DODGE: Named for its founders, Horace and John Dodge, former suppliers for Henry Ford. In a disagreement with Henry, the brothers took their Ford stock and started their own company. The brothers' widows sold the company to Chrysler. (See "Life of an American Workman" by Walter P. Chrysler)

BUICK: For founder David Buick

OLDSmobile and REO: For founder Ransome E. Olds. When he lost control of the OLDSmobile operations, he started a new one using his initials: REO.

FORD: We all know about.

EDSEL: Named for Ford's son.

CADILLAC: Named for an early Detroit explorer/founder. Originally called the Henry Ford Motor Company, but a difference of opinion arose. Backers wanted to build quality luxury cars; Ford wanted to build a people's car. They split, and Ford started the Ford Motor Company while the backers re-organized as Cadillac.

PONTIAC: For an Indian chief.

LINCOLN: In honor of the 16th. president of the US.

KISSELL: Built in Hartford, WI.

WILLYS: Built in Kenosha, WI.
In Maine, it is illegal to sell a car on Sunday unless it comes equipped with plumbing.
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